“Negotiation is part of the conventions at....


“Negotiation is part of the conventions at Master level in UK education, but it does impose some difficulties on students from different educational background. Do you really know what you want to learn if you do not have much knowledge of the subject? How could you go about to tell your tutor that you do not like the assignment set by him or her? Are you sure what language to be used for negotiation of different purposes? The

Pre-Master programme (PMP) is certainly designed to tackle these problems, because it provides study skills or strategies that you need. For instance, to answer the fist question you may need reading strategies such as skimming and scanning to read around the subject area, and then you may need summery skills to tell your tutor briefly what I already knew and what you would like to explore.

Other skills, I learned in the PMP, such as note-taking, seminar discussion and presentation are all very useful because they really help to enhance communication with tutors or classmates. Through note-taking, I become more involved in a lecture than just sitting and listening. With the information I extract from the lecture I have a common ground to exchange ideas with the tutor. Through seminar discussion, I respond to ideas from the tutor and other classmates and try to get my opinions crossed. Through presentation, I try to convey the knowledge I have in a logical sequence, thus greatly improving the ability to organise and express ideas.

I am really grateful that I had learned all these strategies, which provide me happy and secure life in the UK.”

刘亮 PMP*届毕业生 现就读于曼彻斯特大学TEFL硕士课程(TEFL:教授母语为非英语的学生英语)