Bishop Grosseteste Col


Founded in the 19th century, until recently Bishop Grossteste specialised in teacher training. But this small college in Lincoln has developed both its courses and facilities. It now offers a portfolio of university degrees - including foundation degrees - in education, English literature, drama and heritage studies.The oldest building on campus dates from the college's foundation in 1862 but in 2002 Bishop Grossteste opened a new teaching centre with a large lecture hall and big spaces for teaching as well as areas where students and staff can congregate more informally: both groups have welcomed the new centre which has also improved access to those with impaired mobility.

There is a dedicated students' union building and a student common room, and a new sports centre is due to open in September.

The college is offering non-repayable bursaries of £1,000 each year to all new students eligible to receive a full or partial higher education grant, and it guarantees accommodation to all first-year students who make Bishop Grosseteste their firm acceptance choice.

Lincoln itself was a major Roman town which eventually became a settlement for retired legionaries. By the late middle ages it was one of the more important towns in England. It retains the feeling of history but along with that goes a certain sedateness despite the partial presence here of Lincoln University as well.

Bishop Grossteste College, Newport, Lincoln LN1 三维YTel: 01522 527347