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Trinity College is a member of the University of Wales. It was established in 1848 as a church college to train teachers. Today, Trinity has an excellent reputation in the areas of education and humanities, the creative, cultural and performing arts, as well as for courses related to the outdoors and community development. It is a campus-based college located on the outskirts of Carmarthen, a busy market town in south west Wales. Teaching facilities, information and library services, accommodation, student services, sports facilities and the students' union are all on one campus.

Small class sizes, good quality degree courses and a supportive environment make Trinity an ideal choice for many students. The added value is the opportunity for students to acquire a range of additional skills, to take part in the activities both within the college and the community, and to contribute to Trinity's growing international dimension. The students' union is a focal point outside lectures and offers a range of services and activities.

These factors combine to provide Trinity students with a rich and diverse experience of higher education, and graduate employment records attest to the success.

Fees and bursaries£1,175 per year for undergraduate courses; £6,000 per year for international students

AccommodationThere are four on-campus residences offering catered and self-catering accommodation. First-year students are normally placed in catered halls. The prices for accommodation range from £59 - £79 per week.

ContactTrinity College, Carmarthen, SA31 3EPTel: 01267 676767Fax: 01267 676766Email:

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